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Madena News Corner

Madena co-sponsored the Healthcare Education Associate’s (HEA) MA Accounting & Reconciliation 101 Boot Camp in Nashville, TN on January 30-31st.  The conference was a great success with many health care organizations getting into the weeds and sharing their secret sauce.  Special thanks to all the attendees who actively participated in discussions and shared the challenges facing their organization.  If you missed this conference, be sure to mark your calendar for upcoming events from HEA.

Madena is proud to announce the 2.0 version of our Reconciliation software, Madena Membership Suite MSP and COB modules that provides an integration of the CMS files into a web-based user interface with our WorkSync Manager™ to assign and manage your inventory with an on-demand reporting module. Also included are exports for member correspondence mailing, Part C & D claim systems data feeds and submission to CMS’ contractor. The business logic configuration and data extracts are highly configurable to integrate into your existing technology infrastructure. Our software ensures you are compliant and have the highest level of payment integrity and revenue optimization.

With the additions of Civil Monetary Penalties to the CMS Financial Audits in 2017, how confident are you in your current MSP and COB process?

The Madena Membership Suite difference:

  • Can be purchased as individual modules, MSP only or COB only, or as an integrated MSP and COB module
  • Low implementation costs, short implementation timeframes and affordable monthly fees
  • One, Two or Three Year contract terms
  • Built by an organization with in-depth Medicare Advantage health plan experience managing MSP/COB inventory and working with CMS and the Benefit Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC)
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CMS News Corner

February 2017 Software Release

Are you Ready? Make sure your reporting and processes have been updated!

  • New Election Type J – Seamless Conversion Election Mechanism (SCEM)
  • Improved MSP Start/End date reporting – TRC 245/280/368
  • Enhanced Medicaid reporting for Dual status – Marx UI Medicaid Payment Screen, and Monthly MA Medicaid Status Data file and MMR Medicaid Indicator change
  • Expanded use for DRC 65 – Can now be used by non-EGWP plans
CTM Module Changes

CMS is unveiling a new and improved HPMS CTM Module scheduled in March 2017.  CMS just announced 2/17/17 that Best Available Evidence (BAE) real-time beneficiary assistance requests will be submitted through the CTM module so be sure to include your Operational staff managing BAE on the training session. We are excited about the new BAE submission process through CTM that will replace the BAE assistance process in the PDP LIS Chapter 13.  Not all operations staff works directly in the CTM module so this may be a change for your organization.  We recommend that you work with your Compliance team to modify your current process to the new CTM BAE submission process.  And don’t forget to update your BAE P&P!

New Integrated Denial Notice (IDN)

On 2/9/17 CMS announced a revised IDN must be in use by 4/10/2017. While the regulations have not changed, CMS’ new model provides more instructions to the member and health plan in completing the form. CMS expects plans to use the new IDN as soon as possible but no later than April 10th.

Don’t forget to download both the new form and the instructions from the CMS website. When implementing letter template changes, remember your FDRs!  Communicate and plan for the changes with your FDRs to avoid non-compliance.

New PCUG Issued

A New PCUG was issued on 2/28/2017 based on the February Software release.  You need to refer to both the February Software release and the PCUG to confirm any changes that you may have put into place to support the Software release.

Changes: DTRR, MMR and the new Medicare Advantage Medicaid Status Data File

PS – We are excited about the new Medicaid status file to get better status information in the hands of health plans. If you do not have a Medicaid reconciliation process in place, now is the time to consider it with the implementation of this new file.  Remember our best practice: look at the file, play around with the data and test scenarios/validity of the data – then establish a reconciliation process!

New eRPT version 4

The new eRPT v4 is expected to be released in mid-March.  There are new daily emails to plan users/proxies and changes to the package creation for CAT2 & CAT3.  The 3/1/2017 CMS User Group call provided training and User Guide.  It is important to make sure you follow the new set up steps and download the new submission spreadsheet from the Reed & Associates website to use in the eRPT version 4.  Make sure you are providing training that includes the new submission spreadsheet and eRPT user guide to all staff that manages the RPC process.  The last version of eRPT that was released caused some challenges for clients and they were locked out of the system for a month or more.  Be prepared for hiccups that may delay your ability to submit packets.

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