Revolutionize Your Everyday Systems

In the health care industry, the burden of CMS and state rules and regulations creates time and expense challenges.

Outdated processes and the anxiety of not meeting regulatory compliance plague health plan member communications and compliance directors on a daily basis.

It’s time to centralize and have visibility over your organization’s compliance program and the entire material creation process.

The Better Way for Health Plans

CodySoft® is a revolutionary suite of web-based software products designed specifically for health plans and their complex environment.

Client Testimonials:

"CodySoft®'s Collateral Management Module® is worth it. It's beneficial for the overall process, it's beneficial for meeting CMS regulations, and it's beneficial for your staff and yourself. It's changed my life."

"To be honest, we believe that CodySoft® is one of the best options that there is."

Using CodySoft® Products, You Achieve:

  • More controlled and cost-effective project management of member and provider marketing materials
  • Reduced regulatory compliance risk and increased accuracy
  • Easy management of investigation issues

Secure, Web-Based Software with CodySoft® Products:

  • Access your dashboard via a secure online portal with no IT integration needed
  • Log in anytime, anywhere
  • See updates occurring in real-time
  • Easily generate reports for regulatory audits and metrics tracking