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Be a Health Plan Compliance Champion

Government-sponsored health plans are challenged every day with changing rules and regulations from both the state and federal government. These rules can number in the thousands. And when only a handful are relevant, the task of vetting these rules is daunting - especially when CMS issues weekly, sometimes daily, change notices.

Compliance staff are responsible for ensuring materials meet U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulatory compliance. Failure to do so could have serious consequences: incurring exorbitant expenses to correct erroneous material, or even facing the risk of being shut down for falling out of CMS’s good graces.

With Our Compliance Consulting Services, You Achieve:

  • Better collaboration between departments. We evaluate, plan and implement workflow and process improvements to foster partnerships between the compliance and marketing communications departments.
  • Quick and easy tracking and reporting. When integrated with the Collateral Management Module®, the Regulatory Analyzer® reports regulatory rules relevant to every piece of collateral material in production.
  • Improved risk management. We conduct an audit to identify risk areas and provide a risk assessment to mitigate potential issues.

Our Services

Streamline and integrate your compliance program needs.