Policy & Procedures

Policy and Procedure Lifecycle Management Made Easy

For health plans, successfully managing a library of policy and procedure documents can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming job.

Adding to an already stressful situation, if these are not documented, updated, and distributed properly, plans may be subject to costly fines and corrective action plans at the state or federal level.

Developed specifically for health plan compliance departments, the CodySoft® Policy and Procedures Module® allows health plans to streamline the creation, approval, distribution, communication, comprehension and certification of a health plan’s policy and procedure documents. These include departmental procedures, Human Resources handbooks, organizational protocols, and company-wide to team-specific policy documents.

Policy and Procedures Module®

Client Testimonial:

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With the Policy and Procedures Module®, You Can:

  • Quickly create policy and procedure documents and manage the review and update process with complete control
  • Centralize, streamline and standardize your entire policy and procedure lifecycle management process to ensure that all policies stay current and none have expired
  • Effectively communicate information throughout your organization to improve visibility, and ensure access and review of all materials
  • Reduce compliance risk and easily confirm your organization’s understanding of policy communications through comprehensive acknowledgement and testing
  • Reduce administrative costs related to the manual creation, approval, distribution and testing of policy and procedure materials
  • Customize search criteria and easily locate policy and procedure materials within the library
  • Link policies and procedures to the Regulatory Analyzer® and the HPMS Memo Module® to conveniently cross-reference rules, regulations, and requirements