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One Platform to Manage Electronic Member Communications, From Opt-In to Analytics

As part of the CodySoft® suite, the CodySoft® ePresentment Module™ gives health plans one platform to manage communications through the entire lifecycle, from member opt-in to tracking and analytics. The ePresentment Module™ provides plans with an ePresentment compliance document server that manages plan member databases, member “opt-in” preferences, and distribution of compliance documents via a plan member portal. Members can easily access a personalized home page and electronic materials specific to them.

The CodySoft® ePresentment Module™ complies with the current CMS regulatory requirements and provides flexibility to expand its functionality to more document types as CMS rules change over time.  In short, the ePresentment Module™ makes it easier for health plans to track members’ preferences, deliver required and requested information, and provide an integrated audit trail.

ePresentment Module

With the ePresentment Module™, You Can:

  • Provide your staff with streamlined access to member-specific communications history and documents during inbound customer service calls from members that have questions about materials
  • Effectively disseminate and track each member’s interaction with a given communication
  • Have real-time visibility into member opt-in/opt-out results along with analytics on the delivery and performance of each communication across the workflow
  • Focus on the health care and business needs surrounding your members because you save time and reduce administrative costs related to managing different tools and integrating data
  • Manage and audit routine and compliance communications in a single platform