The Simple Way to Manage Health Plan Compliance Issues

No one wants to dwell on managing Complaints Tracking Module (CTM) issues, reports of impropriety or questions about benefits; but it’s an unfortunate part of the business. Mishandling these investigations can have serious – and costly – consequences to health plans, but we have the solution.

Developed specifically for health plan compliance departments, the CodySoft® Incident Management Module™ is the first-of-its-kind full-cycle tool that allows health plans to best manage investigation issues, from reporting to resolution.

Address the root cause of incidents, help prevent future incidents, and have real-time visibility to case list, case status, assignments and statistics.


Client Testimonial:

“Part of our Corrective Action Plan response to CMS in 2013 was telling them we were going to utilize CodySoft® from now on to produce our ANOCs and EOCs, to ensure accuracy and compliance… CodySoft® is worth it. It’s beneficial for the overall process, it’s beneficial for meeting CMS regulations, and it’s beneficial for your staff and yourself. It’s changed my life.”

With the Incident Management Module™, You Can:

  • Capture comprehensive complaint information to help fully investigate, remediate, and report case outcomes
  • Get streamlined and simplified workflow management tracks for complaints related to Sales and Marketing, Fraud/Waste/Abuse, HIPAA/IT Security, Legal, and HR issues
  • Quickly obtain information to support annual CMS reporting requirements regarding agent oversight for both Medicare Part C and Part D plans
  • Access a document management library to centralize investigation documents and reports
  • Link to user-defined documents such as regulatory guidelines, policies and procedures, HR handbooks, and Code of Conduct guidelines
  • Gain centralized communications with the Investigations Discussions feature
  • Easily generate investigation, user, and management reports