HPMS Memo module

A Central Source for HPMS Memos

On average, Medicare Part C and Part D health plans receive 10 to 20 Health Plan Management System (HPMS) memos each week that must be reviewed and interpreted by their compliance department. Staying current with this constantly evolving information is difficult at best. Without an effective process in place to manage these memos, your health plan’s compliance is at risk.

The CodySoft® HPMS Memo Module® allows health plans and prescription drug plans to centralize, organize and streamline the entire HPMS memo management process. It simplifies the review, organization and response to HPMS memos, and automatically updates plan databases with new standard memos from CMS. For memos specific to your health plan, uploading to your HPMS memo database and publishing to your library couldn’t be easier.

HPMS Memo Module®

Client Testimonial:

"We typically get new information from CMS or our compliance team, but most of the time we've already seen it from CODY five business days prior and have been asked what direction we'd like to go, with options and recommendations. The steering and direction CODY provides around CMS and the info it puts out is very good."

With the HPMS Memo Module®, You Can:

  • Proactively and effectively communicate information throughout your organization to improve visibility and ensure access and review of all HPMS memos
  • Update and track required responses and due dates; use integrated scheduling functionality to create assignments for memos that require action from the health plan
  • Utilize a robust reporting tool to improve the management of HPMS memo statuses
  • Easily search and locate HPMS memo guidance to ensure organizational compliance
  • Ensure your organization’s review, understanding, and compliance with HPMS memo communications through the capture of acknowledgements and testing results
  • Reduce administrative costs related to the manual review and comprehension testing of HPMS memos
  • Attach HPMS memos to the underlying rules and regulations they impact in the CodySoft® Regulatory Analyzer® to ensure that all parties are aware of the full scope of regulatory changes