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Making Data Make Sense

CodySoft Membership Suite formerly Synchronicity™, is a comprehensive suite of SaaS modules built specifically to administer all enrollment, billing, and reconciliation (EBR) operations including member correspondences for Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug (MAPD) plans. CodySoft’s Membership Suite fully integrates your EBR process and member data. It’s built to administer and analyze complex data sets and processes to minimize manual work, streamline enrollment and premium billing processes, and identify data discrepancies and outliers. The outcomes provide high-automation rates, accuracy across all systems and downstream vendors, payment integrity, and favorable member experiences.

End-to-End Membership Operations:

When integrated with CodySoft® Communications, CodySoft® Operations offers comprehensive administration and processing of membership operations, including the production of member-related materials through print and fulfillment.

Highly Configurable & Out-of-the-Box Ready:

Developed from the ground up to work in today’s secure cloud architecture, CodySoft® uses a modern modular design. All modules are highly configurable to enhance or replace existing systems within a health plan.

Subscribe to individual modules or combine as a bundle to tailor to your health plan’s operational needs. Like all CodySoft® products, CodySoft® is easy to implement and quick to learn. Solutions are industry-ready “out-of-the-box.” The entire suite is easily configurable at the plan level and scalable to grow with you.

Success Story:

By implementing the CodySoft Recon™ MPWR module, 7,000 members were identified as “not billed” for their premium in over 3 years. Internal reconciliation processes failed to identify discrepant premium payment options. Plan data showed SSA withholding was on however, CMS systems showed direct bill—resulting in $1.2M of lost revenue.

Large East-Coast BCBS Associated Health Plan

CODY’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

For a full-service solution, CODY’s Membership BPO team provides experienced, cross-trained personnel to own and perform various health plan operations in accordance with federal and state regulatory guidelines. We leverage our proprietary products and decades of Medicare Advantage experience to analyze data, process transactions, and deliver quality results while reducing administrative costs.

Our BPO solution is flexible and scalable to match your operational needs and growth goals. To learn how CODY’s Membership BPO team can help you perform enrollment, premium billing, reconciliation, MSP, COB, and Recovery operations, contact us today.