Cody Consulting | Careers

Join Our Team

CODY® is always looking for the right candidates to join our growing team. We are especially interested in those with experience building ANOCs and EOCs, and hands-on experience working with and for Medicaid, Medicare, or commercial health plans.

The talented individuals that make up our team come from a variety of healthcare and non-healthcare specific fields, including compliance, information technology (IT), project management, sales, and more.

As the go-to firm for health plan collateral management and compliance issues, we pride ourselves on hiring the industry’s most experienced professionals. Our diverse team members are able to excel both working independently and as part of the team. Our talent is our greatest asset, and we strongly support growth in our virtual company and the industry.

In addition to the excitement of working for a fast-growing company, our team members have the advantage of working from home when they are not on the road meeting with clients and partners.

What We Believe

Our core values help shape a unique culture, attract like-minded character, and give roots to our foundation.

What Matters Most
The well-being of our clients. Our goal is to drive change & make a difference—continuously address client challenges, improve outcomes, and transform the way health plans operate.

The Power of Passion
It's a fundamental difference—Passion is in our blood and drives our sense of purpose. Our depth and breadth of Industry knowledge is undeniable, and our dedication to develop innovative technology and best-in-class solutions, empowers our mission.

Whatever it Takes Attitude
We value responsiveness, deliver on promise, and our commitment to hands-on support is parallel to none. We know things change and other things are unforeseeable, but we remain flexible and quick to adapt to whatever curveball comes our way.

Make a Deep Connection
Listening is key, understanding is imperative. Looking out for our client’s best interest earns trust and preserves confidence. Sustaining relationships for the long term defines a true partnership.

Do the Right Thing
Our business is built on the utmost integrity, transparency, and social responsibility. Our ‘Code of Business Conduct and Ethics’ governs our business and the clients we serve. Without this commitment, we wouldn’t be in business.