HPMS Memo module

A Central Source for Compliance Correspondence & HPMS Memos

As Compliance requirements from multiple Federal and State agencies increase, it’s essential to have an efficient process to review, interpret, and respond to documents properly. Compliance Correspondence is often distributed to different audiences than those that receive HPMS Memos, making the burden even greater.

CodySoft® Compliance Correspondence Module® is a management tool designed to capture and organize incoming regulatory correspondence, distribute it to the appropriate departments/individuals, and track required actions to ensure review, understanding, and compliance. The module supports audit trails and required reporting with archive access and reduces compliance risk with an integrated workflow.

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CodySoft® HPMS Memo Module® is a dedicated workflow within the CodySoft® Compliance Correspondence Module®. It is compliance-driven and designed to streamline the HPMS management process from memo intake, distribution, and review to response and reporting. With CODY® managing the input and updates of all standard HPMS memos in the database, the HPMS Memo Module® proactively notifies your team daily of new standard HPMS memos.

For memos specific to your health plan, uploading your HPMS memo database and publishing it to your library couldn’t be easier. For actionable HPMS memos, authorized users can update, and track required responses, due dates, and assignments of responsible parties. And if you are unable to complete the required actions by the due date, built-in escalation processes can proactively notify key stakeholders in the event CMS needs to be notified.


Client Testimonial:

"We typically get new information from CMS or our compliance team, but most of the time we've already seen it from CODY five business days prior and have been asked what direction we'd like to go, with options and recommendations. The steering and direction CODY provides around CMS and the info it puts out is very good."

With the CodySoft® Compliance Correspondence & HPMS Memo Modules, You Can:

  • Reduce compliance risk through integrated workflows and robust reporting tools
  • Proactively communicate critical information throughout your organization efficiently
  • Improve visibility, ensure access and review of all memos and correspondence
  • Manage action items, schedule assignments, track responses, and due dates
  • Search and locate HPMS memo guidance easily to ensure organizational compliance
  • Reduce administrative costs related to the manual review
  • Support audit trails and required reporting with accessible archives
  • Streamline actionable correspondence from various Federal and State regulatory bodies; correspondence is accepted from multiple mediums such as email, phone, letter, etc.