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We Understand a Health Plan's Pain Points

Health plans are bogged down with regulations, tight deadlines and conflicting priorities, and they are looking for a solution to lighten the load. Our value comes from a deep understanding and ability to successfully alleviate pain points for health plans.

Collateral Creation Challenges:

  • Uncontrolled costs and inefficiencies
  • Lack of ANOC and EOC document expertise
  • Limited resources
  • Low visibility and control
  • Missed deadlines and fire drills
  • Management of vendors with little health care experiences
  • Compliance risks from errors
  • Cost management issues from lack of appropriate budget planning
  • Translations and 508 remediation processes and costs

Client Testimonial:

"CODY is always available, always ready to answer questions, very knowledgeable, and very hands-on with us."

Compliance Challenges:

  • Difficulty keeping up with CMS HPMS memos and other regulatory requirements
  • Managing complex investigations
  • Version control issues
  • HIPAA compliance among multiple first tier and downstream entities
  • Ineffective processes and lack of detailed protocols

Risk Management Challenges:

  • Understanding where organizational risk resides
  • Discovery and assessment of compliance program risk
  • Fitting in ongoing monitoring
  • Demonstration of processes in place
  • Lack of training and education programs

Workflow Challenges:

  • Having an audit trail of requested and approved edits
  • Disseminating multiple materials to numerous subject matter experts
  • Monitoring and meeting project schedule deadlines
  • Multiple systems and collateral storage access points

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