Behavior Health Network Data

Customizing an Easier Way to Supply Directories On-Demand

Per CMS requirements, Managed Care Plans must update their online Provider & Pharmacy Directories and complete hard-copy Directory updates within 30-days of receiving information requiring update. Posted online Directories should be Section 508 compliant, and plans must provide members with a printed Provider or Pharmacy Directory within three days of request.

Ensuring tens-of-thousands of Provider network and Pharmacy data records are organized and up-to-date, and then completing the not-less-than monthly updates to online and printed Directories in all required languages, is no easy task for health plans—particularly when relying on a manual process or desktop publishing programs. It’s critical to have solid processes and tools in place to produce timely and accurate monthly Directories, fulfill member requests for printed Directories, and provide a positive member experience.

Provider & Pharmacy Directory module

The CodySoft® Provider & Pharmacy Directory Module™ with On-Demand Fulfillment is custom-designed to support Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial plans in multiple states. Its automated variable data-driven process complies with the not-less-than monthly basis mandate for updated Directories. And Directories produced through the Module also conform to Section 508 Accessibility requirements without manual tagging—saving thousands on page-by-page 508 remediations.

As part of CODY’s print & fulfillment program for plan member requests, our CodySoft® Directory Module uses latitude/longitude-based location data to create radius-based, member-specific ‘geocoded’ Directories for a personalized volume of Providers, Pharmacies, and Facilities. This provides more relevant listings and a better member experience, and the smaller directories are less expensive for plans to produce and mail.

The CodySoft® Directory Module with On-Demand Fulfillment is a proven process for managing Provider & Pharmacy Directories, Section 508 accessibility requirements, and daily print & fulfillment mandates.

With the Provider & Pharmacy Directory Module™, You Can:

  • Deliver accurate online & print Directories with personalized fulfillment to provide more relevant listings and a better member experience
  • Use the On-Demand program to manage Provider & Pharmacy data sets, Section 508 requirements, and daily print & fulfillment mandates
  • Support lower page counts and reduced mail costs with Geocoded/regional Directories
  • Meet CMS and State mandates with approved format & design