Are You Prepared to Comply with the Summary of Benefits Guidance Released by CMS?

On April 15, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the Summary of Benefit (SB) Guidance for Contract Year 2017. Based on these requirements, health plans can now more easily utilize a template to create SB versions. This is great news for health plans, because they will no longer be required to use the archaic Plan Benefit Package (PBP) software to create SBs.

Cody applauds CMS for allowing plans to now use a more streamlined template-to-version approach. It is through this model document methodology that health plans can use data grids and templates to create the SBs, much like those used during creation of the Annual Notification of Change (ANOCs) and Evidence of Coverage (EOCs) documents. With this improved process, health plans will see a dramatic decrease in errors and streamline the development of these materials. This process also allows for better audit and review controls for plans.

We have predicted this methodology shift for some time. To prepare for it, Cody developed software tools that provide a more streamlined, templated approach to address this need – specifically, CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module. CodySoft® will easily support health plans with this process change. Health plans that are currently using or intend to use CodySoft® for the creation of their ANOCs and EOCs will be able to create versions of their SBs using the same methodology.

The result: a simplified and more controlled materials creation process.

And as we all know: more control equals fewer errors.

The CodySoft® Collateral Management Module® is a project management system and tracking tool that delivers:

  • Increased efficiency and auditing
  • Reduced document errors
  • Management and tracking capabilities
  • Ability to link SBs to the source of truth document
  • Simplified creation of marketing collateral, ANOCs and EOCs, and more

The above are only a few ways CodySoft® can support health plans with the upcoming SB guidance. Being prepared for this change and the regulatory oversite that comes with it is critical in getting through this AEP season. Why not use a tool that that will help create, manage, track and simplify this process?