Choosing the Best IT Solution to Manage AEP Collateral Creation

A number of IT solutions have emerged over the last several years to help health plan marketing and compliance teams manage the materials creation process. These solutions range from costly enterprise installs to more affordable cloud-based applications, and offer any number of features to help plans navigate the AEP collateral creation season.

Health plans should look for the following features when purchasing these products:

  • User-Friendly Template Materials: Products that include template materials that allow plans to quickly and easily produce marketing materials – such as ANOCs and EOCs – expedite and simplify the materials creation process. The best systems will embed these templates into an easy-to-use interface so that non-IT users can self-manage the workflow, composition and collaboration of materials. This helps get time-sensitive pieces of collateral approved and released on time and in compliance.
  • Data Merge Mapping Capabilities: A user interface or platform that has the sophistication to not only handle variable data merge mappings, but also the advanced content and logic rules will allow health plans to create truly versioned materials with customized content. Using a system with these capabilities can help shave weeks off the versioning and collaboration process.
  • Industry Specific Application: While there are any number of project management systems on the market today, the key is to find one that is specifically tailored to the managed care industry. The most efficient system will effectively manage model docs, ensure materials meet CMS requirements and produce the required collateral year after year.

As regulations continue to get more complex and timelines tighten, finding and leveraging a technology like this is no longer a novelty, it is a necessity. This is where the power of Cody Consulting’s technology and services comes into play.

We work with health plans to create benefit grids, as well as critical collateral like the ANOC and EOC documents, and load it all into our proprietary software platform, CodySoft®. This allows health plans to save a month’s worth of work by creating these documents in-house during what is arguably the busiest time of year for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.