4 Benefits to Using a Distributed Model for the Member Print and Fulfillment Process

For health plans, there are a number of challenges to managing the print and fulfillment of marketing and enrollment materials, including tight turnaround times and the potential for error during the mailing process.

As a result, many health plans are working to partner with third-party vendors that offer a distributed print model, where printing services are systematically distributed to printers according to their output capacity. These vendors can oversee and execute the entire print and fulfillment process – from the time that the documents are finalized to receipt of their delivery to members.

Below are four ways that health plans can benefit from outsourcing this function to a trusted third-party vendor that offers a distributed production network:

1. Increased flexibility with print and fulfillment vendors: Backed by a national network of print shops and letter shops, these vendors offer health plans a truly customized solution that doesn’t bind them to one production or fulfillment center’s capabilities or capacities.

2. Improved contingency planning: This increased flexibility can improve contingency planning in the event that a plan encounters last-minute changes that require immediate reprints and/or re-mailings of materials. The vendor’s ability to bring in additional production capacity through secondary or tertiary print or fulfillment centers can be critically important to meeting mailing deadlines.

3. Enhanced scalability of vendor capabilities: As health plans grow, print and fulfillment needs can sometimes outstrip the capabilities of even the largest print and fulfillment vendors. By working with a third-party that is connected to a network of vendors, you can easily spread the load across multiple centers, while maintaining complete control and project integrity.

4. Reduced postage costs and transit times: By aligning health plan geographies and member densities to fulfillment vendors, vendors are able to print, bind, package and mail closer to final destination points. The savings in postage costs can be significant, and the reduced transit times will ensure that members receive their materials on time and within compliance timeframes.

Backed by our team of experts, CodyPrint® provides health plans with a centralized document management system and national production network, and offers a unique level of expertise and compliance oversight. When paired with the CodySoft® Collateral Management Module®, we can also manage the design and creation of key member materials – creating a one-stop shop for all of your member mailing needs. Contact us today to learn more.