Revised CMS CY23 ANOC & EOC Models — Expected Soon!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming CMS memo regarding the reposting of the CY23 ANOC & EOC models. Per CMS, the documents revealed several issues. Rather than sending a “very detailed” and lengthy corrections memo, CMS’s memo will coincide with the reposting of the models and include a summary of changes. The revised models are expected to be reposted any day now.

Each year, CODY’s industry experts identify potential model edits and share findings with CMS for consideration. In June, CODY® identified and provided CMS with an extensive list of suggested corrections for the CY23 ANOC and EOC models for consideration and information. Findings included both “for your information” (FYI) edits (permissible alterations per CMS model instructions) and substantive edits.

For your information edits:

  • Typographical
  • Grammatical
  • Section references

For your consideration substantive edits:

  • Omitted content
  • Content not applicable to plan type
  • Clarity
  • Duplicate and extraneous content

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