MA and Part D Plans: Jumpstart Your CY2016 ANOC and EOC Documents Creation

In late January, CMS released the “CY 2016 PBP/SB Software List of Changes and Known Issues,” which includes a summary of the changes to the Plan Benefit Package (PBP) software that Medicare Advantage and Part D plans will use to upload their 2016 AEP materials bid submissions to CMS later this year.

Armed with this information, plans can now begin designing their 2015-2016 benefits grids and add their final 2015 plan benefits cost-sharing data. This will speed up the process of preparing Annual Notification of Changes (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) documents that are due to members this fall.

There are numerous changes to the PBP Software that plans should be aware of when preparing their data grids. These include several benefits changing names, some combining with other existing benefits, and some fields having been removed while others were added.

Using the PBP report as a source of truth for plan benefits information assures that exact cost-sharing amounts that have been submitted to CMS are the same as what ultimately ends up in the ANOC and EOC documents.

We work with health plans to create these benefit grids, as well the ANOC and EOC documents. Our proprietary software, CodySoft®, allows clients to save a month’s worth of work by creating these documents in-house during what is arguably the busiest time of year for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.

For more information on how CodySoft® can streamline your organization’s operations, contact us today.