Case Study: Implementation of marketing department workflow process, allowing for diversity of plan design, efficient approval process and communications/brand consistency.

The Health Plan

Regional managed healthcare company in the northeastern U.S.

Client used an obsolete process in the creation and distribution of marketing and member communications. The process was inefficient, non-compliant and failed to address the contemporary, integrated marketing solutions required in today’s competitive environment.

The Challenge

Reengineer the department to include appropriate staff positions and processes allowing for multiple plans types and target audiences while maintaining communications consistencies and brand standards.

  • Previous organizational layout did not allow for the efficient service of the variety of internal clients and plan types.
  • Client had little control over the standards and development of marketing materials and member communications.
  • No published workflow process or formal approval process encompassed materials creation.
  • The client’s traditional and Internet marketing initiatives were not in sync.
  • No staff and client training program or processes existed for project initiation, marketing environment best practices, the approval process or materials trafficking

The Solution

Using our customized approach, we implemented the CODY® Traffic Management System encompassing traffic best practices and organizational consultation. Multiple solutions were identified and implemented:

  • Implemented enhanced traffic management system. This allowed for a marketing and creative services environment capable of developing materials addressing various plan types and audiences.
  • Organizational consultation and staff training created a highly engaged workforce capable of servicing numerous business units with multiple product lines.
  • CODY® fine-tuned the department by coaching team members in the use of integrated marketing solutions, optimal client relations, materials approval and trafficking methods.
  • Created physical and electronic archiving systems for compliance and client access.
  • Managed the reorganization of prepress and internal/external variable-data print production process.

The Results

  1. Cost savings totaling over $1 million during the first two years via implementation of CODY® recommendations
  2. The creation of a new organizational layout and workflow process able to address a challenging, highly competitive healthcare environment including:
  • Standardized project creation within predetermined communications plans in accordance with overarching corporate goals and governmental compliance.
  • Parallel production of traditional and Internet materials, resulting in messaging consistency.
  • Use of contemporary, variable-data and print-on-demand methods.
  • Automated reporting of project status and staff workload forecasting.
  • File Naming Convention allowing for ease of project tracking and archiving.
  • Consultation on budgeting process and budget inclusions.
  • Standardized materials trafficking including implementation of trafficking software, and use of templated production schedules.