How CodySoft’s® Collateral Management Module® Compares to Other Project Management Tools

Our experts have seen it all when it comes to how health plan project managers handle the creation of required member marketing materials. Usually, it involves manually tracking projects using spreadsheets and email, using a generic, out-of-the-box project management software, or a combination of both.

Manual tracking can be extremely time-intensive and highly prone to errors. And even very robust software solutions can be overly complex while still missing the mark on what health plans really need to manage their projects.

CodySoft®’s Collateral Management Module® is the ideal project management solution for health plans struggling to complete their Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC), Summary of Benefits (SB) and other documents on time and in compliance.

Here are the key benefits that the Collateral Management Module offers compared to other project management tools:

  1. Built exclusively for health plans

CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module is the only project management product on the market that is built specifically for health plans. It was created by experts with first-hand, in-house payer experience, who struggled with the frustration of using manual methods and generic, off-the-shelf tools.

The Collateral Management Module was designed and is continually updated to address the ever-changing complexities of regulatory compliance around Medicare and Medicaid. Our software includes workflows, permission levels, task scheduling and other features that are tailored specifically for managing the development of health plan member marketing materials.

  1. Little to no in-house IT support required

CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module is “software as a service” (SaaS). This means the software is centrally hosted securely on the cloud. As such, it needs no installation, support or ongoing maintenance from your IT department. This usually comes as a relief to IT teams, as many don’t have the expertise, resources or desire to set up and support a local project management system on users’ computers.

With the Collateral Management Module, all users have to worry about is remembering their username and password. All software setup, upgrades and maintenance are handled behind the scenes by the CodySoft team.

  1. Document-building capabilities

In addition to being a project management tool, CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module allows users to create member marketing materials like the ANOCs, EOCs and SBs.

The Collateral Management Module’s robust document composition tools can automate the creation of individual plan version documents, marketing materials and other plan documents. No other project management tool available allows this kind of software integration for health plans.

  1. Collaborative review process

Unlike other project management tools that only allow one person at a time to review a document, CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module offers a collaborative review process.

The Collateral Management Module can set up simultaneous review routing that lets multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) review and provide feedback on documents at the same time and then collates all comments into one file. This collaborative approach can drastically reduce review time, which can be extremely valuable when trying to meet CMS’s deadlines for delivering materials to members.

  1. Better version control and file management

Many health plans store drafts of member materials on a shared drive. Multiple users updating these files can make version control a nightmare. And using email to issue requests to team members can be unwieldy and lead to errors.

CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module offers fool-proof version control that can roll back to previous versions. In addition, easy-to-use task notifications built into the system provide a much simpler way to manage files and collaborate with your team.

  1. Easier management of user permissions

Other project management software can pose problems when it comes to allowing users proper access. These tools often require users to manually add others to documents or folders. It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks, and it can be difficult for people who need a certain level of access to get it in a timely manner.

CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module simplifies user permissions by assigning each user a role, which grants them a certain level of permission. This ensures that all team members will have access to everything they should be able to access, and no more.

  1. Integration with other software for an A-to-Z solution

Other project management systems on the market don’t offer additional software add-ons to round out a health plans’ materials creation process and compliance program.

The Collateral Management Module is part of a suite of CodySoft products that include:

  • Regulatory Analyzer: Compliance tracking for internal and external regulations
  • Incident Management Module: Incident management for compliance issues
  • Risk Management Module: Risk management for compliance programs
  • Policy and Procedures Module: Policy and procedures lifecycle management made easy
  • HPMS Memo Module: A central source for CMS’s HPMS Memos

If you’re ready to see first-hand how CodySoft’s Collateral Management Module can revolutionize project management for your health plan, contact us today to schedule a demo.