Four Benefits of Using a Healthcare-Specific Executive Search Firm

With the national unemployment rate nearing only 5% and unemployment for the healthcare industry nearing only 3%, finding the right talent has become a challenge for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

As a result, many health plans have begun using executive search firms to help find and maintain top talent. But not all executive search firms are created equal.

Working with a firm that is specific to the healthcare industry can have a number of benefits for health plans, including:

  1. Industry Expertise

Health plans face unique organizational and staffing challenges. With deep expertise in the healthcare industry, industry-specific search firms understand these issues and are well suited to overcome them with effective staffing solutions.

  1. Familiarity with Skills and Experience

The healthcare industry can be confusing for those who are not familiar with industry terminology and certifications. Using a recruiter that specializes in the healthcare industry will ensure that you are interviewing only top candidates with the right skills and experience for the job.

  1. Increased Network of Talent

Because these recruiters work in the healthcare industry, they have deep connections with industry professionals. As a result, they have access to top talent that other firms may not.

  1. Decreased Placement Times

Good candidates are hard to find, which can make filling an open position a time consuming and lengthy process. Industry-specific search firms can reduce this time by leveraging their existing network of talent and properly vetting each candidate before the interview process.

Whether you are searching for high-level executives, temporarily filling vacant positions or building out marketing communications departments, Cody Consulting can provide Executive Search services for your health plans’ staffing needs. Contact us today and work with the best in the business.