Document Accuracy Assessment helps identify errors before CMS

The creation of your Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document is a very challenging process and can be a strain on already over-taxed resources.  Ensuring the accuracy of these documents is extremely important, as CMS has taken an increasingly tough stance on plans that distribute documents with unclear and/or inaccurate benefit information.

If you’re like most health plans, you could use a few extra set of eyes to review your final materials to ensure accuracy.

Backed by our team of model document experts, our Document Accuracy Assessment services can identify inconsistencies and errors in your plan documents that could negatively impact members and cause CMS to take action against your plan. Cody’s Document Accuracy Assessment service allows you time to self-report these errors before CMS’ Oct. 31 deadline for self-reporting.

Here’s how it works: Our team uses your previous and next year Plan Benefit Package (PBP) reports to build our proprietary a data grid which includes pertinent benefits and cost-sharing information. Using this grid, we review various cost-sharing charts within your CMS submitted ANOCs and EOCs to validate consistency of cost sharing content.

We send you an assessment of our findings prior to CMS’ self-reporting deadline, allowing plans enough time to draft and send errata mailings to members, if needed.

Our team is highly skilled at drafting and reviewing ANOC and EOC documents on time and in compliance, and can be a valuable asset to your organization as you finalize these materials. Contact us today to find out more about our Document Accuracy Assessment services.