CodySoft® Allied Central Dashboard™ (ACD) FAQs

Allied Central Dashboard ModuleCreating, managing, and tracking recurring orders for mandated member materials fulfillment can be complex and time-consuming. Not to mention, file and data validation, SLA management, and tracking errors, issues, and processing audits—adds even more to manage. To ease the burden, that’s where the CodySoft® Allied Central Dashboard™ (ACD) comes in. By leveraging automation, the ACD increases efficiency and accuracy throughout the process. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: What is an Allied Central Dashboard™ (ACD)?

The CodySoft® ACD is a web-based command and control system custom-designed for health plans and their specific marketing material delivery process. The ACD is a unique solution developed exclusively for Medicare, Medicaid, Exchanges, and Commercial Health Plans—and all member communications fulfillment.

Q: What types of Member Communications does it handle?

The ACD handles all types of Mandated Member Materials Fulfillment including Post-Enrollment Kits, Member ID Cards, LIS letters, ANOCs, EOCs, SBs, Formulary, and Geocoded Directories, and Compliance Letters.

 Q: What are the main benefits of the ACD?

The ACD supports real-time workflow visibility from data processing and job management through print, piece-level tracking, and reporting. It’s an all-in-one integrated system—accessible from any location. By automating and centralizing the job creation and delivery process, the CodySoft® ACD enables plans to manage data, production, letter shop/distribution, and track recurring orders efficiently. The ACD also supports integration with multiple production facilities to route requests.

 Q: How complex is the ACD to use?

The ACD is simple to use. Authorized users can view fulfillment orders from a macro level and drill down to the individual record level. Grouped reports provide monthly or weekly aggregates or detail reports on individual records.

Q: Is there a Letter management and fulfillment component?

The ACD manages recurring Provider & Member Compliance Letter fulfillment the same way as other workflows. Users can view and track Letter SLAs and mailings from a batch perspective, as well as individually. 

Custom-Designed Features

Dashboards for Asset & Data Record Processing

    • SFTP (secure FTP) connectivity to receive and push daily, monthly, or annually for member request files
    • File and data record validation
    • Group data files for routing or cost savings
    • Ability to hold, suppress, or release member or piece-level requests
    • Service-level management, such as production timeframes
    • Job and piece-level proofing, sampling, and approvals
    • System notifications of errors, issues, and processing audits

Internal & External Tracking

    • Real-time workflow visibility from data through print
    • Piece-level tracking from data intake to order processing and shipment
    • Track member-level pieces throughout the logistics carrier delivery process
    • Integration with one or multiple production facilities to route orders

Reporting & Analytics

    • Run, export, and email standard or custom reports to Operations, Admin, and Compliance as needed
    • Tag reporting with piece-level PDF files and archive for audit tracking

Graphical Analytics & Performance Dashboards

    • Job and piece-level proofing, sampling, and approvals
    • Piece-level PDF file creation stored and archived for audit tracking
    • Postal and Pre-Press integration steps

Data & production PDF files for automated transfer or
API integration with client Member Services/Compliance/Operations systems

    • API (Application Programming Interface) services framework to support accepting and returning data and individual files
    • Ability to customize integrations to support a variety of system calls
    • Final member PDF files available for API integration with client systems

To find out how the CodySoft® Allied Central Dashboard can help your health plan operate more efficiently, mitigate risk, and deliver a better experience to serve plan members, contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

About CODY: CODY® works with over 70 government-funded, commercial, and ACA health plans across 47 states and Puerto Rico. We help align internal operations with CMS guidelines to improve regulatory compliance, maximize performance, and streamline member/provider communications across the enterprise. CodySoft®, our proprietary suite of software is designed specifically for health plans.