CodySoft® Adds Markup Tool to its List of Features

CodySoft® has added a Markup Tool feature to its Collateral Management Module®, making it easier for users to make, review and accept edits to health plan member marketing materials, such as Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Summary of Benefits (SB) documents.

“In a typical scenario, health plans may pass one document around to 30 different people for review via email, and then have to make sense of the edits made to 30 different files,” said Brian Yavorsky, vice president of technology at Cody. “Our Markup Tool lets all users make their suggested edits in one document that’s kept in the Collateral Management Module, eliminating all that legwork and decreasing the chance of errors.”

Users can collaborate on the creation of documents, then handle the review and edits all in one place. The Markup Tool shows which users made which edits. In addition, users can review all edits made by all users, or view edits made only by a particular user, depending on whose changes needed to be seen.

After a user has made his or her changes to the document and closed out the task, the “owner” – who has the final say on revisions – is notified. The owner is then able to accept or deny edits, address comments and add questions to the document.

“The mission of the Collateral Management Module is to automate project management for the creation of health plan marketing materials as much as possible,” said Yavorsky. “Adding the Markup Tool, which lets users do all editing right in the software, is a natural progression.”

If you’re interested in learning how the CodySoft Collateral Management Module can help streamline your materials creation process, please contact us for a demo.