CODY® Consulting launches CodySoft® Policy and Procedures Module™

New module streamlines and standardizes the creation and lifecycle management of health plan policy and procedure materials

TAMPA, Fla. (Dec. 2, 2015) — For health plans, successfully managing a library of policy and procedure documents can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming job. This job just got easier with the launch of the CodySoft® Policy and Procedures Module™.

“For health plans, policy and procedure documents can number in the thousands, which makes maintaining these documents a full-time job,” said Deb Mabari, MBA, chief executive officer of Tampa, Fla.-based Cody Consulting, which developed the proprietary suite of CodySoft software. “Adding to an already stressful situation, if these are not documented and managed properly – including being updated each year – health plans may be subject to costly fines and corrective action plans from the state, or at the federal level.”

Developed specifically for health plan compliance departments, the CodySoft Policy and Procedures Module allows health plans to streamline the creation, approval, distribution, communication, comprehension and certification of a health plan’s policy and procedure documents.

Users can quickly create policy and procedure documents and manage the review and update process with complete control. In addition, the tool helps compliance departments to effectively communicate policy information throughout the organization and ensure that all employees have reviewed and provided the necessary acknowledgements and/or approvals. For documents that require comprehension testing, the tool not only captures the scores of those who have completed testing, but helps to ensure compliance through reporting that identifies those that have not yet provided the required acknowledgement or attestation.

“Streamlining these processes should be a top priority for Medicaid plans, particularly in the wake of CMS’ proposed Medicaid Managed Care Organization rule, which seeks to align the rules governing Medicaid with those that govern Medicare Advantage and Qualified Health Plans” said Mabari. “The Policy and Procedures Module will help health plans to create these documents quickly and efficiently, and ensure that all materials are up to date and compliant.”

The Policy and Procedures Module is part of Cody’s proprietary software, CodySoft, which is the only project management and compliance solution designed specifically for health plans. Additional modules include the Collateral Management Module®, HPMS Memo Module™, Investigations Module®, and Regulatory Analyzer®.

By tagging all policy documents with a review and expiration date, users are proactively notified of required reviews to ensure that all policies are current and compliant. And when integrated with the Regulatory Analyzer, health plans can include policy and procedure documents in their search for critical regulatory requirements through the use of filters and search criteria.


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