CODY® Consulting launches CodySoft® HPMS Memo Module™

Cloud-based tool streamlines health plans’ review and response to CMS’s HPMS memos

TAMPA, Fla. (Dec. 17, 2015) — Adding to its already extensive list of tools for health plan compliance departments, Cody Consulting has released the CodySoft® HPMS Memo Module™ to help streamline the review, organization and response to HPMS memos issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

“On average, health plans are receiving 10 to 20 HPMS memos each week that must be reviewed and interpreted by health plan compliance departments,” said Deb Mabari, MBA, chief executive officer of Tampa, Fla.-based Cody Consulting, which developed the proprietary suite of CodySoft software. “The challenge is that while some rules may impact all health plans, others will not, making keeping up with these updates and how they impact operations a full-time job.”

The HPMS Memo Module streamlines this process by notifying health plans when new standard memos are released by CMS and automatically including them in the organization’s database. For memos specific to the individual health plan, the tool also allows users to upload documents to the database for future reference.

In addition, the tool allows authorized users to update and track required responses and due dates, and create assignments for memos that require action from the health plan. Built-in escalation processes can also be launched to proactively notify key stakeholders of required due dates and ensure that the plan is compliant with the latest and most accurate information from CMS.

“Without an effective process in place to manage these memos, health plans’ compliance is at risk,” said Mabari. “The HPMS Memo Module helps manage this process and ensure that health plans are compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations from CMS – reducing stress and increasing compliance for health plan organizations.”

The HPMS Memo Module is part of Cody’s proprietary suite of software, CodySoft, which is the only project management and compliance solution designed specifically for health plans. Additional modules include the Collateral Management Module®, Investigations Module®, Policy and Procedures Module™, and Regulatory Analyzer®.

Modules can work together or separately – allowing the implementation of a single module, or any combination of modules, with the option of adding additional modules at a later date, as needed – to synergistically reduce the compliance risk of a health plan.

When integrated with the Regulatory Analyzer, the HPMS Memo Module can attach relevant HPMS memos to the underlying rules and regulations that they impact, thus increasing visibility and ensuring that all parties are aware of the full scope of regulatory changes.


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