Case Study: Transition ANOC/EOC process from manual process to a data-driven solution

The Health Plan

Regional managed healthcare company in the northeastern U.S.

The Challenge

Transition ANOC/EOC process from manual process to a data driven solution.

  • Client previously used semi-automated data entry for ANOC/EOC document creation. Manual data entry of benefit information was time consuming and produced inaccurate information which was disseminated to members.
  • Process required approximately 320 labor hours to complete.
  • Client used multiple print and fulfillment vendors which caused inconsistent print quality and cost.
  • Last minute changes to plan information by CMS and internal business units caused delays in bid approval and data mapping.
  • Postage for ANOC/EOC kits was too costly

The Solution

Using our customized approach, multiple solutions were identified and implemented.

  • CODY® Consulting conducted an RFP process to customize single source solutions for print, fulfillment, and expedited mail service. In addition, CODY® also managed the vendor implementation and served as a liaison for the insurer.
  • Managed production using print-on-demand methodology allowing for programming to drive creation of customized ANOC/EOC booklets.
  • Implemented 2D bar codes on each booklet to ensure the highest level of integrity during the inserting process and mail delivery.
  • Reduced mailing costs by 52%.
  • Provided mail confirmation at origination and destination/intake points.

The Results

Efficient production of on-demand ANOC/EOC booklets.

  • By implementing the print-on-demand system, labor hours for the project were reduced by approximately 69%.
  • Successfully transitioned client to a Print-on-Demand system to ensure projects were cost-effective while keeping consistent quality.
  • All ANOC/EOC booklets were produced and distributed as requested by CMS.
  • Total project cost was reduced by 20% resulting in a net savings of $115,000.
  • The use of a mail expediting vendor to distribute sales kits reduced postage costs by 42% and ensured that regulatory compliance was met