The Health Plan

Regional managed healthcare company in the northeastern U.S.

The Challenge

Client used sales materials excessive in size, double that of their competitors. Redesign Medicare Pre-Enrollment Sales Kits and efficiently manage the production of and distribution to members.

  • Client used multiple print and fulfillment vendors which caused inconsistent print quality and cost.
  • Size and weight (approximately 5 pounds) of Medicare Pre-Enrollment Sales Kits were cumbersome and bulky.
  • Postage for kits was extremely costly.
  • Enrollment application was 12 pages, difficult for senior members to read.

The Solution

Using Cody Consulting’s customized approach, multiple solutions were identified and implemented

  • Cody conducted an RFP process to customize single source solutions for print, fulfillment, and expedited mail service. Cody also managed the vendor implementation and served as a liaison for the insurer.
  • Successfully transitioned the Medicare Pre-Enrollment Sales Kit from the traditional offset printing and fulfillment to a print-on-demand methodology.
  • Redesigned the Enrollment Application to an NCR Form to reduce the cost of providing each member a copy of their Enrollment Application.
  • Reduced mailing costs by implementing new mailing methodologies.

The Results

Efficient production of on-demand sales collateral.

  • Successfully transitioned client to a Print-on-Demand system ensuring projects were cost-effective while keeping consistent quality.
  • Redesigned Medicare Pre-Enrollment Sales Kit by reducing its size by over 50%.
  • By implementing the NCR Enrollment Application, the client was able to reduce labor and materials costs while complying with CMS guidelines.
  • Total cost was reduced by 50% resulting in a net savings of $200,000 per year over previous years.
  • The use of a mail expediting vendor to distribute sales kits reduced postage costs by 42%.