Data Analytics & Integration Services

Leveraging Technology to Manage Data & Integration

Understanding and utilizing your data is a crucial component for efficient, profitable, and compliant plan management—however, many plans lack the technology, resources, or know-how to do. With a multitude of data files from various sources, it’s crucial health plans attain an efficient tracking and integration process.

CODY® Data Analytics team leverages our proprietary software to facilitate transparent and actionable reporting and help maintain compliance in the ever-evolving government services marketplace. We can assist in a one-time or ongoing reconciliation, revenue recovery, gap analysis, validation of new systems or processes, and independent certification, and attestation.

  • Allows access to custom Attestation portal
  • Identifies risk areas for process improvements
  • Analyzes data to identify relevant action items
  • Enables health plans to make informed business decisions
  • Supports Independent Validation Audits (IVAs)