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Your Single-Source Solution for Member Material Distribution

Working with multiple vendors can make a complicated collateral management process even more stressful and risky. Miscommunication and delays that occur during the hand-offs between document authors, translation vendors, printshops, mail houses, and 508 remediation specialists can quickly make meeting CMS deadlines difficult, if not impossible. Varied vendor specializations and non-aligned workflows may introduce content, formatting and proofing errors that can lead to errata, corrective action, and non-compliance.

With less than 30 days in September to handle final approval, proofing, printing, binding, assembly and mailing of plan versioned Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) documents to all members, time is exceptionally tight. A misstep could result in costly delays, or worse.

And the work doesn’t end there – recurring new member Welcome Kit and ID card mailings, email notices, and printing and distribution of compelling Pre-Enrollment Kits that include a Summary of Benefits, a Business Reply Envelope and carbonless forms, can be equally demanding.

Client Testimonial:

"What may take someone else hours to do, CODY is doing in a fraction of the time, and CODY needs minimal time requirements from their clients to do that. For example, what may have taken someone 100 hours of work leading up to kickoff may now only take 10 hours working with CODY."

We Can Help

Let us show you how our results-driven services give you a positive return on investment (ROI) for translations, 508 remediation, print & fulfillment, and digital communications management.

CodyPrint®, an adjunct to the CodySoft® Collateral Management Module®, extends the project management functions and efficient marketing communications workflow to include expert printing and electronic presentment fulfillment of member materials.

Add customized language translation and 508 remediation capabilities, and with CodyPrint®, health plans can better manage complex projects with greater simplicity, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Together, these tools provide health plans with a single-source, A-to-Z solution for the design, distribution and compliance tracking of important member marketing and communication materials – including the annual ANOC mailing, EOCs, new member Welcome Kits, Directories, Formularies, SBs, and more.